Issue 5 (February 2012)


Writings of Campus Occupy and Anti-Privatization Movements


Put together by the editorial collective of R e c l a m a t i o n s in four installments, this issue features a selection of writings chronicling the anti-austerity struggles on the campuses of public universities in California between August 2011 and January 2012, as they converged with the explosive birth of the Occupy encampments across the nation.

The proliferation of writings, published on various blogs and websites, capture the density of the political energy and the intensity of the political experience during these short six months. Taking as their starting point the experience of campus struggles on the West Coast, the texts explore the meaning and future of the political reclamations of public spaces across the nation while tracing their continuities and junctures with local anti-austerity movements and anti-police brutality struggles. They include communiques from plaza occupations and building reclamations, outcries against massive police violence and against the impunity of upper-level administrators, open calls for resignations, visions of a university without police presence, repression, and fear of violence, a university as a space where radically new social relationships can be forged. Often written prior to or in the immediate aftermath of militant actions bound to reconfigure the future in unforeseeable ways, the writings offer a wealth of political insight dwelling in the uncertainty of the moment. The pieces balance an emphasis on landmark events—November 2, the historic Occupy Oakland General Strike; November 9, the violent raid of the OccupyCal encampment at UC Berkeley; November 18, the infamous “pepper-spray” day at UC Davis when a similar attempt to establish a camp took place—with a focus on the enormity of the collective work and the intensity of the affective relationships forming during the times leading up to and following the actions, aiming to highlight less visible dimensions of the struggle.

We have written a short summary of each text to give the reader some context.


Installment One: August - October 2011

Installment Two: November 1-15, 2011

Installment Three: November 16-30, 2011

Installment Four: December 2011 - January 2012